Diagnostics - the key to the workshop of the future! Automotive systems are becoming more complex and requirements for skilled diagnostic workshop - ever higher. For the professional service of modern cars Bosch offers everything from one hand: diagnostic equipment, software, technical training and hotline, supplemented by parts with OEM quality.


New: Bosch maintains Euro 5

Bosch Euro 5

According to the norm Euro 5 vehicle manufacturers are required to access the reprogramming of the control unit through their online portals.
A version of ESI [tronic] 2010 / 1 with each update will be provided the latest version of Pass-Thru. If a producer requires a specific version of Pass-Thru for KTS, you can load it free here.

Ready for Euro 5 are:
KTS 340, KTS 520, KTS 530, KTS 540, KTS 550, KTS 570, KTS 650 and KTS 670.

Here's how easy it works:

схема KTS

1. Register on the website of the manufacturer.
2. Use KTS as Pass-Thru-interface.
3. Install the manufacturer-specific software in the PC / laptop and KTS control unit in the car.

Warning: manufacturers provide software for a fee!

New: FSA 750:
Professional Diagnostics of the future.KTS 340

KTS 340

Fast and reliable monitoring and fault
In modern cars is constantly increasing the number of electrical and electronic components. This development poses new requirements workshops. Fast and safe fault localization is crucial for economic success and quality of service activity. In this new generation of Bosch motortesteri analysis systems in the car offers a platform for diagnostic-looking.

FSA 750 - More certainty in diagnosis of defects
Motortesterat FSA 750 offers workshops a universal comprehensive system diagnostics.

  • Signal generator: new, only FSA from Bosch. It makes possible the diagnosis of sensors with wires and plug connections in vgadeno condition.

  • Testing of components: The exact location of a fault using the new, developed by Bosch, FSA motortester test components. In this measuring technique and the display is set to the component, which will then be tested without removal. Thus, in many cases avoiding time-consuming and equipment replacement parts.

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